A little bit of our history...

Coating Systems Laboratories Inc. was originally founded as a partnership in 1995 and later incorporated in 1999 to develop, produce, market and sell a line of advanced pool and spa products, DiamondClear®.  Following successful introduction of the pool products, the new and unique chemistries of these products invited further research and product development. Expansion into antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal applications produced a number of Manufacturing Processmarketable products including hand sanitizers and protectants, GermFree 24 (formerly distributed as GermFree 60); Zoonocide®, a mold remediation product; and water/fluid purification technologies.  A patent for the hand sanitizer technology and products was granted in 2003. EPA registration for the antimicrobial mold remediation product, Zoonocide was obtained. A pending patent for water and fluid purification utilizing Zoonocide treated filter media is pending.