TPS Protectant & Restorative


• Protects and Preserves Tile and Pebble Tec®
• Long Lasting Coating
• Inhibits Calcium, Scale, and Mineral Deposit and Buildup
• Transparent Coating Renews Tile Appearance and Gives PebbleTec® the “Wet Look”
• Will Not Yellow or Crack

DiamondClear® TPS Protectant & Restorative is a revolutionary coating designed to protect pool tile and PebbleTec®. DiamondClear® TPS employs an unique silicon chemistry to protect pool, spa and hot tub waterlines from damage caused by calcium and scale buildup, dirt, body, and suntan lotion oils. TPS utilizes a pure silicone polymer that when applied rapidly cures to a transparent barrier between corrosive pool water and tile/PebbleTec®. Water can’t penetrate, therefore scale and mineral buildup is prevented. DiamondClear® TPS is designed to protect tile and PebbleTec® finishes from the harmful effects of water. This product must ship via UPS.

DiamondClear TPS Protectant & Restorative is easily applied to tile with a sponge and to PebbleTec with an ordinary paintbrush.