• Protects and Preserves Tile with an Invisible, Long-Lasting, Water Repellant Coating.
• Inhibits Calcium, Scale and Mineral Deposit Buildup.
• Bonds to Surface – Will Not Wash Off.
• Will Not Yellow or Crack.
• VOC Compliant, Meets SCAQMID, HAPS & SNAP Requirements.
• Easy Spray Application

DiamondClear® TP California is a new, invisible coating designed to protect and preserve the original appearance of ceramic pool tile. This revolutionary product employs a unique chemistry that coats the new tile surface and inhibits the formation of calcium, other mineral deposits, and body and suntan lotions on pool, spa and hot tub tile. A single application of DiamondClear® TP California typically lasts for an entire pool season. TP California is easily applied by spraying directly onto clean, dry tile. Wipe surface and allow to dry. TP California is available in plastic, one pint, trigger-spray containers. One pint is sufficient to protect up to 100’ of water line tile. When using TP California, follow all label instructions and precautions.