• Water Conservation Tool - No Need to Drain your Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub
• Reduces Calcium within 1 to 2 System Cycles
• Helps Prevent Unsightly Calcium Buildup
• Protects Pool Plaster and Masonry from Staining
• Safe, Easy to Use - Convenient Drop-In Application, No Need to Precondition Pool before Use

DiamondClear® CAL-SOK is the original calcium reducer. CAL-SOK is a hands free method of reducing calcium and other hard water, scale-producing minerals from pool, spa, and hot tub water. Use of this product enables rapid, efficient removal and consequent reduction of calcium to recommended levels without removing the more beneficial soft water ions. DiamondClear® CAL-SOK eliminates the need to drain and refill the pool or spa. CAL-SOK conserves one of our most precious natural resources, water. Enjoyment and operation of pools, spas, and hot tubs are not interrupted. DiamondClear® CAL-SOK is easy to use. Simply add the CAL-SOK to the skimmer and continue operation in a normal manner. After one or two days, depending on the length of hours of operation, calcium is absorbed from the water into the CAL-SOK. The CAL-SOK is then removed and discarded. DiamondClear® CAL-SOK removes calcium and other scale forming minerals from the pool water. Reduction of calcium and other minerals help eliminate calcium and scale buildup. CAL-SOK is available in one pound bags sufficient to reduce the calcium in a 10,000-15,000 gallon swimming pool by 200ppm in 24 hours of operation.