• Protects Kool-deck, exposed aggregate, masonry, concrete and wooden decking.
• Adheres to decking for long-lasting protection with stain resistance from soil, minerals, algae, mold and mildew.
• Slip resistance of wet decks is maintained - Makes deck easier to clean.
• Reduces cracking, flaking, chipping of deck surfaces - reduces chalking of Kool-Deck and masonry surfaces.
• Requires only minutes to apply - Increases water resistance to Protect, Preserve, and Beautify.

DiamondClear® Protect-A-Deck has been tested and found to be unsurpassed for protecting and preserving the original appearance of pool decking and walkways. DiamondClear® Protect-A-Deck is effective on a variety of deck surfaces including Kool-Deck, Concrete, Brick, Natural and Artificial Rock and Flagstone. Once applied, Protect-A-Deck rapidly penetrates beneath porous deck surfaces where it bonds within and on the treated area. This invisible barrier reduces moisture permeation and protects decks against chalking, staining, and the harmful effects of mineral deposits, algae, dirt and grime. Testing has demonstrated water uptake is reduced by more than half with Protect-A-Deck. Staining from dirt, algae, and mineral deposits are reduced, allowing the aesthetic beauty to be preserved. DiamondClear® Protect-A-Deck is easily applied by spray application using a garden style sprayer. A single application is all that is required for long-lasting results. For maximum results, spray a second coat. Then dry, the deck is protected and ready for use. One gallon coats approximately 300-500 square feet depending on deck type and porosity. Reapply once a season or as needed. This product must ship via UPS.