Coating Systems Laboratories is the manufacturer of the following brands:

Coating Systems Laboratories, Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing coating systems that provide lasting protection.  Zoonocide®microbe prevention system provides a durable protective layer on many surfaces that inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which cause staining and discoloration, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae.   Zoonocide® microbe prevention system is an EPA registered formulation that can be applied to air filter surfaces, carpets, linens, upholstery, structural framing, bathrooms, countertops, boats, door handles, keyboards, shopping carts, floors, and many other applications.  Zoonocide® can be used on wide variety of surfaces for a wide spectrum of uses.

Coating Systems Laboratories, Inc. has also developed and patented a hand sanitizer and protectant that effectively provides effective microbe protection for 24 hours.  Unlike traditional hand sanitizers, Germ Free 24 with AMOSILQ will continue to protect you throughout the day.   Most hand sanitizers will sanitize the surface of your hands, but hands become contaminated quickly after touching the next surface.  Germ Free 24 will allow you to protect yourself from harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi with around the clock protection.

Coating Systems Laboratories, Inc. developed DiamondClear®, a line of pool products that address unsightly calcium/scale build-up, high calcium levels in water, debris or dust layer, water line stains on PEBBLE-TEC® surfaces.  DiamondClear® also offers a line of masonry, brick, concrete, flagstone, tile, natural stone protectants.  The DiamondClear® product line resolves the never addressed hard water problems in pool water.  The technologies found during the development of these pool products lead to the improvements made to the formulations of the microbe prevention and mold remediation products that are offered today.